Advocacy Report August 8, 2023

Melissa Daniel
Advocacy Chair, DCCPTA
Prepared 08/08/23
August General Meeting – Advocacy Chair Report

  • Superintendent Update.  DCPS wants stakeholder input.
    • Complete Online Survey before September found on the DCPS website.
    • Attend a Community Meeting (in person and virtual available)
      • Aug. 22, 2023 – Community Forums
      • Baldwin High School  11 a.m. (community can attend online or in-person)
      • Westside High School; media center – 6 p.m.
    • Aug. 24, 2023 – Community Forum
      • Atlantic Coast High School; media center – 6 p.m. (community can attend online and in-person)
    • Aug. 29, 2023 – Community Forum
      • Raines High School; media center – 6 p.m. (community can attend online and in-person)
    • Aug. 31, 2023 – Community Forums
      • Fletcher High School; media center – 11 a.m. (community can attend online and in-person)
      • Sandalwood High School; media center – 6 p.m.
    • Sept. 12, 2023 – Board Workshop – 1 p.m.
      • Review results of online survey and community forums
  • Legislative Session – January 9th – March 8th, 2023
    • Sign up for Take Action Network (must renew each year)
    • Both national and FLPTA. 
  • FLPTA statements put out on African American standards and AP Psychology.
  • Latest statement from DCPS is they will offer AP Psychology.  Reported on 8/15 that  DCPS said the College Board has assured that every Florida student who takes the course will be allowed to sit for the exam and receive college credit. High schools in Duval County can now switch back to teaching AP Psychology, but it’s not that simple. It’s up to the school’s principal to decide whether it’ll still be taught.  
  • Current Issues to watch in Florida Education (article from Pineapple Report):
    • Approval of Prager U by Florida Board of Education – controversial video based curriculum that according to the Prager University foundation “promote American values” as a “free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education”.  Videos are approved to be shown in K-12 schools.
    • Increased Income Limit for Private School Vouchers – 
    • Parents Have To Sign Off On Nicknames – Parents in Florida have begun receiving forms to give consent for a child to be called any other name besides the one on their birth certificate, a stipulation under the state’s Parental Rights in Education law, which critics call the “Don’t Say Gay” law.  Teachers are also not allowed to call a student by their preferred pronouns.
  • Resources:
    • Jacksonville Public Education Fund Website
    • FLPTA and National PTA websites both have advocacy areas.
    • Twitter – @FLPTA_Leg – FLPTA legislative updates
    • Facebook and Twitter – Follow your school board member and other elected officials as well!!
    • Pineapple Report – Sign up for emails and follow on social media
  • Remember that PTA is nonpartisan and works to direct its efforts at members of all political parties in order to enact change. When PTA officers or lobbyists participate in legislative activities that educate lawmakers about officially adopted PTA positions or support a particular piece of legislation that is in agreement with the PTA Legislative Program, it is done on a strictly nonpartisan basis.
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