Treasurers’ Information

Who Do I Contact For Help?

Contact the Duval County Council treasurer by email at  for any questions pertaining to financial matters. 
Please keep in mind, you cannot write checks for expenditures other than Membership Dues remitted to Florida PTA and Annual DCC PTA Dues remitted to DCC PTA until both your audit is complete and your budget is approved by your general membership. 

DCCPTA Treasurers Training

Required Treasurer training will be in person this year (2023-2024). Additional information will be emailed and posted to social media. All incoming DCCPTA presidents & treasurers are required to participate in the Treasurers’ Training each year.

To ask questions and receive credit for participating, submit This Form

Can PTAs donate money to individuals or groups?  Review This Document For more information and examples.

Accepting Credit/Debit Cards for Payment

If your board approves the use of credit or debit cards for payment (such as membership, donations or fundraising items) consider these items when establishing your unit’s policy:

  • Research & understand the risk and potential liability versus benefits (compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)
  • Keep enough documentation, for example,  signatures of cardholders, for each transaction to ensure that disputed charges do not become a problem
  • Store any physical documents containing credit card data in a locked drawer, locked file cabinet, or locked office which the PTA solely controls (shred when no longer needed)
  • Do not transmit cardholder’s credit card data by email, mail or fax
  • Do not store credit card data, PIN or  CVV2/CVC2/CID numbers for customers on paper nor electronically in an unsecured area
  • Ensure that any person taking the credit card information and/or processing the transaction is properly trained in best practices
  • When a refund is necessary, the refund must be credited only to the same account from which the purchase/donation was made

Electronic Funds Transfer Form – Use this form prior to making purchases or payments using electronic funds.

This information and more is in the Florida PTA Kit of Materials.  To get the kit YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR OFFICERS EACH YEAR TO RECEIVE THE KIT OF MATERIALS AND MEMBERSHIP CARDS.

Important Local PTA Unit Treasurer Information

The security and accountability of PTA funds is the responsibility of the Treasurer. Be sure your Local Unit is following these basic guidelines:

  • You need 2 signatures on ALL checks.
  • Usually, there are 3 PTA Board Members who may sign the checks – The treasurer, President, and a VP or other officer.
  • Write checks for a specific purpose. The expense must be within your approved budget.
  • Reimbursement Form – it should be filled out by the person needing reimbursement. All receipts should be attached to this form. If the person has lost his receipt(s) – he needs to write a letter stating that the receipt(s) was lost. The two check-signers sign their approval of the reimbursement on this form.
  • Never pre-sign a check – sign checks at the time they are needed and after they have been approved.
  • Never write a check for cash. All transactions must be by check so there is a paper trail that can be audited.
  • The person being reimbursed should not be a signer on that check.
  • The retiring treasurer should file the appropriate 990 form with the IRS as soon as the audit has been completed.

PTA as an Outside Group

The Duval County School Board considers each Local Unit of PTA an “Outside Group” that is organized to provide support for school activities. All outside groups are required by the School Board to submit the following financial reports to your school Bookkeeper:

 Annual PTA Unit Audit Form

This reporting is required to maintain each local unit’s 501 (c) (3) status.  A signed copy must be submitted to the school bookkeeper with a copy of the June bank statement.  A copy of both audit forms must be sent to and by August 31.  You must complete the DCPS Audit Form as well as the Florida PTA Audit Form and send both completed audit forms You cannot write checks for expenditures other than Membership Dues remitted to Florida PTA and Annual DCC PTA Dues remitted to DCC PTA until both your audit is complete and your budget is approved by your general membership.  Both audit forms are listed below.

Required IRS Tax Filing

Do not wait until the November 15 deadline, filing takes less than 15 minutes.  EVERY UNIT, EVERY YEAR IS REQUIRED TO FILE A TAX RETURN.

  •  Are your gross receipts less than $50,000?  If so, file a 990-N (takes only 10-15 minutes to complete!).
    • Click Here for  IRS information needed to file e-postcard.
    • Click Here to link to the IRS 990-N Electronic Form.
    • Once you have filed and your status shows “Accepted,”(this takes approximately 7-10 minutes)  click on the submission ID for your filing. That will bring up a Confirmation page that you need to print out for your records. You then need to write your PTA’s full name and Duval County on the page.  This confirmation page is what you scan and email to and no later than November 15th.
  • Are your gross receipts $50,000 to $200,000?  If so, file Form 990EZ and Schedule A and G. Forward a copy of the form and schedules to and no later than November 15th
  • Are your gross receipts over $200,000?  If so, file Form 990.  Forward a copy of the form to and no later than November 15th

Treasurer Forms

National PTA’s Back-to-School Kit

Sign up for the National PTA’s Back-to-School Kit and then  choose the “Finance” section for a great overview, more information, and to answer questions treasurers my have .


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