About The Reflections Program

Since 1969, the PTA Reflections Program has encouraged millions of students across the nation to explore their artistic talents. Reflections is a nationwide arts appreciation and recognition program for students in pre-k to grade 12.

There are two ways students can participate.

  1. Reflections Theme Search Competition
    The theme selection is a tiered process – student submits their entries to the Florida PTA and finally to the National PTA.
  2. Reflections Art Program
    The theme for this program is announced two years ahead through the Theme Search Competition. This program is a tiered program – students submit their entries to their local unit PTA, then the top entries advance to the County Council PTA, then to the State PTA, and finally to the National PTA. The program allows students to express themselves artistically based on a common theme. The student entries are judged primarily on how well they use their artist statement(s) and artistic vision to portray the theme in their unique artwork and own words.

Supporting the reflections program is one way to promote the importance of a quality arts education in your home, school, and community. Start a Reflections Art Program at your local unit today!

Reflections Theme Search Competition

  1. Download and distribute the entry forms
  2. Submit student entries directly to Florida PTA. Email completed entries
    here –
  3. Local PTA/PTSA do not have to register to submit a theme entry
  4. Be sure to review the past 50+ years of winning themes to get
    inspiration and avoid duplicates.

Reflections Art Program

  1. Register your local unit at the beginning of the school year, between August to October.
    Register and attend the Duval County Council of PTAs/PTSAs monthly general meetings and annual Reflections Training Workshop to learn specific details for the year.
  2. Promote your Reflections program.
    Download program resources: Scroll down to the Reflections Leader Resource section and download the Local Leader’s Guide and the Shareable Promotions for Posters, Flyers, and More and Social Media Images.
  3. Download and distribute entry forms with entry rules and guidelines.
    The Florida PTA Reflections site is updated yearly with the latest themed documents (and county submission deadline dates) for Reflections Chairs to download and use, per guidelines.
  4. Collect and review student entries. Celebrate and recognize all your student participants.
    Each local PTA will decide how, when, and where students will submit their entry form and artwork for local qualification and judging. However, we recommend you align your dates with the County, State, and National deadlines, rules, and regulations to ensure your student entries qualify and can advance to the next level of judging.
  5. Advance your top six (6) entries from each category and grade division to us, your County PTA.
    DCCPTA will announce the submission process and deadline date to all local units at the September general meeting. Read County and State entry rules and requirements in their entirety very carefully. Ensure each student’s entry qualifies before advancing each to the DCCPTA judging.
  6. Recognize your local winners advancing from County to State
    Duval County Council PTA will announce winners in January.
  7. Recognize your local winners advancing from State to National
    Florida PTA will announce winners in March.
  8. Recognize your local winners from the National PTA
    The National PTA will announce winners in May.
  9. Wrap up your program
    Celebrate your local winners, participants, and all your volunteers based on what works best for your community. Then, hold a debrief meeting with your committee members and thank all your volunteers. Note lessons learned for next year, archive data, and return artworks as needed. But do not forget to promote next year’s theme!
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