Vision Screening

Vision Screening

DCPS Screening Services, formerly Vision Services, has been serving Duval County students and families, since 1971, and has, to date, screened over 3 million students.  Screening Coordinators schedule screenings from August through February. In preparation for the screenings, large group trainings, on-site workshops and training videos available on the DCPS website, are provided for PTA volunteers to ensure proper vision screening procedures are followed.

Students are screened using Snellen charts and, if referred, receive a letter notifying their parent of the need for a professional eye exam. If the family does not have the financial means to provide an exam, DCCPTA provides an eye examination and glasses through the Eyeglass Fund funded by PTA local unit donations. Through the generosity of a network of local eye professionals, the cost for one student is $75.00. Because of the generosity of our PTA local units, nearly 6,500 students have had the opportunity to have an eye examination and eyeglasses at no cost to the family.

Additionally, as equipment becomes old and unusable, PTA has generously replaced or refurbished equipment that is in some cases more than 40 years old. In 2018, PTA purchased a new piece of equipment that will help to take Screening Services into the 21st century. The SPOT™ Vision Screener will make the screening of our most difficult-to-screen students possible.

The continuing collaboration between PTA and DCPS Screening Services has ensured the students and families of Duval County Public Schools have had the opportunity to identify and to address potential vision problems so that their children have a greater opportunity to be successful in school.

All documents and instructions for Vision Screening can be found on the Duval County Public School website: – Departments – School Health Services – Student Health Screenings – Vision Screening (documents on right)



Be sure to read this history of the Vision Screening program in Duval County written by Dot Mathias.

DCPS VISION SERVICES PROGRAM by Dot Mathias June 2015Dot Mathias 1 cropped


On her retirement from

Duval County Public Schools after

40+ years of service as

Director of the Vision Screening Program!

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