DCCPTA Handbook

In order to provide Duval County PTA units a reference of information for operations, the current board is in the process of restoring the DCCPTA Handbook.  Sections will be added as they are restored and updated.

DCCPTA Handbook 062116

What is a Council?

A council of Parent Teacher Associations is a group of Local PTAs organized under the authority of the state PTA, for the purpose of conference, leadership training, and the coordination of efforts of the member PTAs.

Each council is governed by bylaws approved by Florida PTA, written to meet its specific needs.

A council serves as a medium through which PTAs of an area can together handle problems and projects too large for one PTA working alone.  Organized into a council, a group of PTAs can bring more power to bear on solutions of community-wide problems affecting children and youth.

A council acts as a channel of communication by relaying information, instruction, and news from the state and National Congresses of PTAs in membership.  It alerts the PTAs to state and National plans, programs, and projects that serve the community.

A council enables PTA Officers and chairmen to exchange ideas and plans; to benefit from each other’s experiences in PTA work; and to learn new techniques of leadership.

Council meetings are used to increase the effectiveness of PTAs; to give practice in procedures and techniques; to stimulate PTA, council or public action; and to interpret and participate in state and National programs.

A council strengthens the local units, develops leaders, engages in worthwhile community service projects, and broadens and deepens public understanding of home-school cooperation.  In so doing, it extends PTA influence and thus benefits all children and youth.

A council works with the Region Representative, knowing that through cooperation much can be accomplished.

In financial, as in all affairs, a council sets a good example for its member PTAs.  No PTA may be compelled to contribute to special projects or to participate in a money-raising event against its wishes.

A council may not legislate for the local unit, but should counsel with courtesy, understanding and perception, knowing that each unit is autonomous.


Guidelines For Council Delegates and Alternates

Each local unit may be represented at council meetings by two delegates (the president or his alternate and the accredited delegate or his alternate; all must be registered with the Council at the beginning of the school year).

Only duly selected delegates or their alternates may participate in council business.

Delegates should be capable, experienced members.  To function at best advantage, the Council needs both experienced and new delegates.

Your job, Council Delegate, is to keep lines of communication open between the council and your local unit, and between your local unit and the council.


You have the responsibility of channeling information from your PTA to the council.

  1. You should attend all meetings of the Council and all meetings of the local association which you represent. When you cannot do so, see that your duly elected or appointed alternate attends in your place.
  2. You represent your PTA in the voting body of the Council and are entitled to make motions, discuss motions and vote at council meetings.


You have the responsibility of channeling information from the council to your PTA.

This means that you —

  1. Take notes at council meetings so that you can report announcements and important action to your local unit.
  2. Notify members of your PTA’s executive board of the next council meeting and urge them to attend.
  3. Share council communications with your executive board and, if possible, put announcements of council activities in your local association bulletin or news sheet.
  4. Start a “Procedure Book” on your activities as a council delegate which will be helpful for the guidance of your successor and future delegates.


Historical Duval County Council Highlights

  1. Published a monthly newsletter
  2. Initiated a Local Unit Achievement Award
  3. Established the Duval County Council of PTAs / PTSAs Family Blood Account
  4. Initiated a Scholarship Fund Program —Florida Community College at Jacksonville University of North Florida, Southern Scholarship Foundation
  5. Established a 100% Membership Award
  6. Began Vision Screening for students
  7. Instituted PTA Identification Pin – originated by Majorie Douglass, Betty Odom, and Edith Codero of Jacksonville
  8. Provided eyeglasses and/or eye examinations for children of indigent families
  9. Provided funds for “Readers” for sightless students
  10. Supported Ecological Programs
  11. Organized PTA volunteers for Career Fair
  12. Co-sponsored Summer Film Festival for Children
  13. Published a handbook for presidents, delegates, principals, School Board members, and selected members of the Florida PTA Board of Directors
  14. Helped the school system develop the Role and Function of Guidance Counselors
  15. Recommended CB radios for some school buses
  16. Supported National PTA TV Violence Awareness Program
  17. Promoted G-Rated movies
  18. Requested that school administration implement the curriculum on bus rider training, and School Bus Safety Week was established.
  19. Participated in interviews with all television stations and several radio stations
  20. Cooperated with the School Health Services Department in developing Health Care Form
  21. Hosted the reception for the accreditation teams
  22. Supported actively legislation affecting children and youth
  23. Emphasized the importance of PTAers volunteering services in their schools for the benefit of students
  24. Provided leadership training through workshops
  25. Worked actively for laws requiring Scoliosis Screening for students
  26. Established a hand book for Health Room Volunteers in cooperation with the school administration and the Red Cross.
  27. Hosted Opening Day Reception for the annual Junior/Senior High Students Art Show at
  28. The Jacksonville Art Museum
  29. Developed a PTA brochure for Open House Packets
  30. Published a handbook for Exceptional Child chairmen and parents
  31. Replaced membership award with membership resolution
  32. Is represented on School Board advisory committees
  33. Received recognition for parent contribution to accreditation
  34. Encouraged significantly the support of Florida PTA Building Fund
  35. Reviewed Calendar of Skills
  36. Participated in Duval Coalition for Public Education
  37. Published handbook for Juvenile Protection chairmen
  38. Initiated voter registration project
  39. Reviewed State mandated Annual Reports of School Progress
  40. Fingerprinted elementary students for school system
  41. Established new membership recognitions
  42. Initiated television public service announcements
  43. Initiated an annual Student Leadership Conference for 400 area high school students.
  44. Provided volunteers for Clean Campus Evaluation of all public schools.
  45. Sponsored the Teacher Supply Depot by supplying volunteers.
  46. Appointed to a seat on the Superintendent’s Cabinet
  47. Participated in the Teacher of the Year Selection Committee
  48. Participated in the principal Screening and Selection Committee
  49. Worked with Jacksonville United Against Truancy
  50. Worked with Jacksonville Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition
  51. Worked with First Books and the Jaguar Foundation to distribute 250,000 books to dis-
  52. advantaged children in Florida and surrounding states
  53. Worked with the Jacksonville Housing Authority to increase parental involvement
  54. Participated in the Superintendent’s Search Interview Committee
  55. Worked with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and
  56. School Improvement
  57. Developed Principals and PTA brochure
  58. Obtained Advocacy Grant


Past Presidents

Duval County Council of PTAs / PTSAs

(Organized 1927)

Duval President                          Years                      Florida PTA President Years

Mrs. Fred T. Nooney                     1925 – 1927

Mrs. Malcolm McClellan                1927 – 1929              1933 – 1934, 1938 – 1940

Mrs. Ralph Wendt                         1929 – 1931

Mrs. D. E. Bail                             1931 – 1933

Mrs. Frank Bryant                         1933 – 1935

Mrs. T. E. Overby                         1935 – 1936

Mrs. Hardy Croom                        1936 – 1938

Mrs. Jerry Kodatt                         1938 – 1940

Mrs. W. W. Reed                          1940 – 1942

Mrs. Homer Cagle                        1942 – 1944

Mrs. M. A. Demerest                    1944 – 1946

Mrs. H. A. Chadbourne                 1946 – 1948

Mrs. W. C. Pate                            1948 – 1950

Mrs. Gus Smith                            1950 – 1951

Mrs. Helen Stewart                       1951 – 1952

Mrs. M. H. Hendee                       1952 – 1953

Mrs. June Dansen Arent                1953 – 1954

Mrs. S. E. Arnold                         1954 – 1955

Mrs. Leon Forbes                         1955 – 1956

Mrs. F. M. Perry                           1956 – 1957

Mrs. G. L. Lund                            1957 – 1959

Mrs. Maurice Frazier                     1959 – 1961

Mrs. C. C. Wannamaker                1961 – 1962

Mrs. Page Haddock                     1962 – 1964                       1972 – 1974

Mrs. Harvey R. Clark                     1964 – 1966

Mrs. W. E. Ellis                            1966 – 1968

Mrs. Sara Cotten                          1968 – 1970

Mrs. R. D. Douglass                     1970 – 1972

Mrs. Pete House                          1972 – 1974                       1978 – 1980

Mrs. B. H. Buchanan                     1974 – 1976

Mrs. William S. Mathias, Jr.           1976 – 1978

Mrs. Richard DiGiandomenico       1978 – 1980                 1986 – 1988

Mrs. Betty Marty                           1980 – 1982

Mrs. Edna Stacy                          1982 – 1984

Mrs. Betty Marty                           1984 – 1985

Mrs. Jeanne Middleton                 1985 – 1987

Mrs. Janice Preacher                    1987 – 1989

Mrs. Dawn Little                           1989 – 1990

Mrs. Jeanne Middleton                 1990 – 1991

Mrs. Cheryl Donelan                     1991 – 1992

Mrs. Lenelle Cruse                        1992 – 1994                          2006-2008

Mrs. Chris Buckley                          1994 – 1996

Mrs. Vicki Drake                              1996 – 1998

Mrs. Merrie Smith                           1998 – 1999

Mrs. Wanda Bosworth                      1999 – 2001

Mrs. Tracy Scott                                  2001 – 2003

Mrs. Reta Russell-Houghton            2003 – 2005

Mrs. Rose Nettles                               2005 – 2006

Mrs. Pam Kinevan                             2006 – 2008

Mrs. Annette Worthen                       2008 – 2010

Mrs. Melissa Kicklighter                   2010 – 2012

Mrs. Gretchen Lynch                        2012 – 2014

Mrs. Margaret Godke                      2014 – 2015


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