Exceptional Education and Student Services (EESS)


February 4, 2015

ESE Parent Survey

Every year, the Florida Department of Education surveys the parents of students PK-Grade 12 with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). (Students in the gifted program are not included in this survey unless they have an IEP for another special need.)

ESE Survey flyer 2014-15

The survey is open online from February 1 – May 31.

You can complete the survey online HERE, or request a paper copy from your school.

Parent feedback is important in helping state and local schools systems improve educational programs for children with special needs.  Duval County has over 17,000 students in the EESS program, yet only 1-2% of parents complete the survey each year. Miami and Orange County have response rates between 65-85%. Please complete your survey soon.


Website: http://www.duvalschools.org/Domain/4394

The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department is committed to supporting students with diverse learning needs, their families, and schools in providing access to a high quality education.  The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department provides services and supports for students with disabilities, gifted learners and other eligible students. Main Office phone number: (904) 348-7800 

Parent Services, Exceptional Education and Student Services, is a source of information on resources and training activities for parents of students with disabilities. Parents are very important team members in the exceptional education process. The goal is to provide networking opportunities and encourage parent involvement in educational activities, ultimately enhancing student’s progress and success in education. This website will provide information and resources to assist you in becoming more involved in your child’s education. Phone number: (904) 346-4601 ext. 116

For more Exceptional Education information on meetings, activities and training for parents, contact:

ESE Parent Services, Exceptional Education and Student Services, Duval County Public Schools

(904) 346-4601 ext.116 or email: parschr@duvalschools.org

Revised 8/14/2014

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