Smart Snacks for PTA

Smart Snacks Implementation Materials

As a reminder, the Smart Snacks policy became effective July 1, 2015.  Please review the following documents for information on how your local unit will need to consider the food items you may choose to sell and what times during the day and evening that will be allowed on DCPS property.


Smart Snacks Rule – FAQ – updated 4-8-15

Smart Snacks Rule – FAQ

4-7-2015 DCPS Board Agenda Item – Adoption of Smart Snack Food Regulations

UDSA Competitive Food Regs (Smart Snack) and Florida Rule (FDACS 5p-1 003) – Summary of Changes 6-1-2015


Tools Schools Focusing Smart Snacks

Smart Snacks in Schools Resources

Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snack Product Calculator




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