DCCPTA Local Unit Memberships Should Increase Post-pandemic

Duval County Council of PTAs will Host First In-person General Meeting in more than 18 months.


On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, the Duval County Council of PTAs will host its’ first in-person general meeting in over 18 months.  It will be exciting to reconvene amid safer, post-pandemic conditions as we advocate and work on behalf of students throughout our school communities.  The results of a national survey of over 2,500 parents, released by National PTA in June 2022, revealed 80% of parents reported they think the 2022-2023 school year will be better.  The findings “also provide valuable insight into areas where we can continue to partner with schools to ensure that all students feel safe, supported, and connected at school.  Students and their families need that support more than ever.” This includes our villages of PTA/PTSA volunteers. 

While we are optimistic about the increased level of comfort and safety as we engage in in-person events, meetings and programs planned for this year, we are keenly aware one of the biggest challenges still facing local units is declining memberships.  PTA membership numbers have been on a downward trend nationally for a myriad of reasons; however, we believe the pandemic was a major contributing factor.  Your DCCPTA has taken a major step towards improving the volunteer climate by holding our general meetings exclusively in-person to ensure we are accessible to our members.  As a local unit, you choose the meeting method that is most comfortable for your school culture – virtual, in-person or hybrid – and which will be most effective in increasing your membership numbers.

Each DCCPTA local unit must be in good standing to remain operational Did you know your PTA must have a minimum of ten (10) members to be recognized as a local unit?  Or, that three (3) core officers, including a President, Secretary and Treasurer are required for your PTA?  Were you aware annual audits and elections must be conducted?  Did you know PTA prohibits relatives from being signers on PTA financial accounts?  Have your officers received the Florida PTA Kit of Materials?  If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your local unit may have compliance issues which can negatively impact your membership growth and ability to operate as a PTA beyond the pandemic strain.

Whether you are seeking to establish, reorganize or maintain your local unit, DCCPTA is here to assist! 

Our goal is to ensure every Duval County PTA/PTSA is in compliance on a local, state, and federal level to build and increase a membership base that works to positively reflect and support the emotional, physical, and mental health of every child, at every school. 

Please contact localunits@dccpta.org for compliance assistance if your local unit is not operating as efficiently or effectively as you believe it can, or if you need help getting started.  As the seat of Florida’s first PTA, in Duval County, we are better together because we stand ready to advocate and work for all children and communities. 

We are DCCPTA.  

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