PTA Photo Communication Tips

Richard Godke, DCC PTA Webmaster,, 904-693-3501
October 25, 2015
As the use of cameras become more portable and easier to use, here are five simple tips and examples that will help spice up make your PTA photos and make them more interesting.

1. Tells a story by showing subjects in action.

SeniorSign                Senior Break

Senior sign up (writing)                   Senior Breakfast (eating & studying)

2. Utilize photo depth of front, middle, back.


3. Zooms in close and cuts out background clutter.

large                       Small

Lost in background                                                        Focus on subject & theme

4. Takes advantage of unusual angles (high, low, left or right) and un-leveled camera (¼ twist).

turnerline                            PTSAlines

Looking up                                                                                              Camera with a ¼ twist

5. Keeps the subject out of the middle of the frame, think Tic-Tac-Toe.

MowX                                                               DCCPTA Logo

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