Review of Social Media and Websites Links

2016 DCCPTA Fall Leadership Workshop
Richard Godketech pic
DCCPTA Technology Chair


  1. Duval PTA Social Media Experts
    Celita Wilson
    Marla Bryant
  2. Sign up for: National PTA Back-to-School Kit 2016-2017
  3. For PTA technology and communication information go to:
    The National PTA Kit includes:  Communications, Communicating with Members and Stakeholders, PTA Branding, Newsletters, Website, Social Media, Our Children Magazine, Marketing and Media Relations, Photography and Videography, and Additional Resources
  4. PTA Branding and Logo Use Communication PTA Branding Source and Logo Use
  5. Technology Award Application for Creative Communication through Technology
  6. Submit Photos for P&P Slideshow
    Prepare To Submit Photos for 2017 P&P Slideshow
    2016 for P&P Slideshow
  7. Choosing a PTA Website Platform Click Here 2 Volunteer
  8. Writing an E-blast People Will Read Writing an E-blast People Will Read
  9. Use of Children’s Images Here is a link to an example of a PTA membership form with an image permission statement: Membership Sample Form With Image Permission 100116
  10. Photograph Hints PTA Photo Communication Tips January 2016
  11. Sources of Free Images Sources of Free Images For PTA
  12. Video Conferencing Meeting Collaboration Website join, me
  13. Links To Sponsor Website – IRS Consideration DCCPTA has appointed a committee to explore this issue. The committee’s findings will be announced soon.
  14. Important DCCPTA Website Information for Technology Users LEADERSHIP/PTA Committee Information LEADERSHIP/PTA Committee Information/communication – Chair LEADERSHIP/PTA Committee Information/Technology – Chair LEADERSHIP/Training and Workshops
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