DCCPTA Statement on Important Florida Legislation Bills

This legislative season has been filled with a lot of activity and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up.  We want to help highlight some key areas of importance. With the state legislation session quickly coming to a close, we want to highlight some bills that could use your advocacy in keeping with the […]

2023 Youth Risky Behavior Survey and CDC Grant

DCCPTA is always looking for ways to educate its members and provide opportunities to advocate for all children.  In the past couple of days, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and its administration have been in the news.  Below are some facts for you to review and who you may contact to advocate on this topic. […]

DCCPTA Statement on Censorship

Duval County Council of PTA’s, in alignment with both National PTA and Florida PTA positions, supports diverse and inclusive curricula, classroom materials, as well as professional development. We support well-rounded and varied experiences and ideas being shared and accessible by all students. This leads to higher academic and personal achievements as well as overall well-being […]

Dress Code Contact List

DCCPTA has been working with the school board over the summer concerning the dress code and enforcement. Please contact the following people if  your child is dress coded inappropriately (please copy advocacy@dccpta.org or diversity@dccpta.org).  This will allow data to be taken which will be necessary for us to advocate for change. DCPS Student Discipline: Mr. […]

2022 Duval County Schools Dress Code Update

Resolution Background As many of you may remember, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Advocacy Committees worked on drafting a dress code resolution last school year.  The resolution was first approved by our DCCPTA Board and then it was shared with our local chapters for them to vote on and the resolution was approved with […]

Florida Education and Youth Legislation Links

This group of links provides a wide range of information related to national and Florida education and youth legislation.  This information can be used to keep up with the rapidly changing legislation.  Please keep informed and present your views to your legislators. Link to: The Legislative Priorities Brochure  http://floridapta.org/advocacy/legislation/advocacy-tool-kit?task=document.viewdoc&id=2431 Stepping Up: Florida’s Top Juvenile Civil […]

Florida Education Legislation Information

This group of documents provides information related to Florida education legislation.  This information can be used to support your views when contacting your legislators.  

Florida Legislative PTA News Update March 1, 2017

We are less than a week away from the start of the Legislative Session.  The following is a synopsis of what happened in Tallahassee last week: HB78- Recess Bill – the bill passed unanimously through the Senate Education Committee.  The next committee of reference is the Appropriations Subcommittee on Pre-K-12 Education.  Florida PTA participated in […]

Training and Workshops

DCCPTA’s Fall Leadership Workshops will be held September ??, 2016 from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. Sample DCCPTA invites to Winter Leadership Training Workshops and ESE Fair Advocacy Advocacy – Chair Taking Action Through the Legislative Process 2014 Awards DCCPTA Award Info 2014-2015 Local Unit Awards Tips 2014 History Book Info & Award Form Fall 2013 Business […]

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