The Florida State Standards (Common Core)

Feb 18, 2014

Read the article from State Impact Florida and NPR HERE.

March 9, 2015

Following are the front and back side of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet handed out at an FSA information session for parents at a DCPS elementary school.  These are common questions parents of students in any grade might have; if you have additional questions specific to your student’s grade or subject, please contact your school.

FSA Questions page 1      FSA Questions page 2

January 13, 2015

This article explores options to replace our current “high stakes” tests.

November 7, 2014

On November 4, 2014 Dr. Vitti distributed to principals a 10-page presentation outlining the differences between how the old Sunshine State Standards were tested using the FCAT and how the new Florida State Standards (Florida’s version of the Common Core Standards) will be tested with the new AIR assessments in the Spring.

The presentation also includes before and after test data from Kentucky (the whole state); Jefferson County, KY; New York State and New York City. There were dramatic declines in all grades and subjects in all 4 geographic areas.

Dr. Vitti asked Principals to make their parents aware of this data, but NOT to panic about how our students are going to do. His opinion was also that the New York standards and tests were slightly more rigorous overall than Florida’s and that Kentucky’s were overall a little less rigorous – so hopefully our students will fall somewhere between the two.

It’s important to know also that we still have no idea what Florida’s tests are going to look like, AND that Florida’s tests are not going to look like any other state’s in the country since Florida chose AIR to produce our tests instead of the PARCC or Smarter Balanced tests 39 other states are using.

Impact of New Standards

Jacksonville_dot_com article on AIR tests

October 8, 2014

Florida PTA Requests Changes Sept 17 2014  FLPTA requests delay in school grades for one year.

Duval County School Board Resolution on Transition Year – requesting FL DOE delay school grades for one year. (Adopted Tuesday, October 7, 2014)

The Common Core State Standards Initiative was a multi-state-led effort to develop consistent, real-world learning goals to ensure all students, regardless of where they live, graduate high school prepared for college, career, and life. The standards do not dictate curriculum. Curricula is left to states, school districts and teachers to determine HOW the standards will be taught.

Each state decided how best to implement the blueprint of the standards in their state.  The Florida Department of Education announced in January 2014 that Florida’s version of the Common Core Standards will be known as The Florida State Standards.  These standards REPLACE the Sunshine State Standards AND the FCAT.  Implementation of the Common Core Standards in all grades in Duval County schools is now complete for the 2014-15 school year.

National PTA has developed guides to help parents understand how these standards will affect their student. Parents’ Guides to Student Success

PTA’s Position Statement on High Stakes Testing

ASSESSMENT AND TESTING (2006) National PTA believes that valid assessment does not consist of only a single test
score, and that at no time should a single test be considered the sole determinant of a student’s academic or work

Handouts and flyers you can use to educate your school’s parents:

Jacksonville Public Education Fund
CCSS Handout      (developed by DCCPTA)

These are websites that provide background on the origins of Common Core, Frequently Asked Questions, and additional resources for parents:

Myths vs. Facts

DCCPTA’s own website has Common Core information:

National PTA’s webpage with links to Common Core information for each state.

 August 20, 2014

Common Core Prepares Students for College, Career
Watch “Raising the Bar: Implications on Test Scores” a short video of school administrators and teachers discuss how common Core helps to improve a student’s college and career readiness.National PTA recently released a Common Core video series to educate parents on the standards and empower them to support the transition at school and home.The series features 14 videos—developed in partnership with the Hunt Institute—to dispel the myths and provide accurate information about Common Core.Watch the series at more info, visit our Common Core website or contact Chrystal Jones.

The Common Core FAQ,    National Public Radio   May 27, 2014

State Impact Florida’s “Essential Guide to Common Core”

The State of Florida’s official source for standards information, course descriptions and standards resources is CPALMS. (CPALMS is an online toolbox of information, vetted resources, and interactive tools that helps educators effectively implement teaching standards.)

Florida Standards Assessment website – Resources for Parents and Students

Following are recent articles about Common Core and the implementation of the standards here in Florida.

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